What the Robert Covington trade means for the OKC Thunder

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The OKC Thunder have been busy this trading period however the Rockets trade of Robert Covington has an equally huge impact on the franchise.

While the OKC Thunder have been the busiest team in the period prior to the NBA draft, the trade made by the Houston Rockets may be incredibly significant for OKC. The noises coming out of Houston have not been positive and this is the first move that signifies their intent.

Russell Westbrook has said that he wants out, James Harden has turned down the first-ever $50.0 million deal in NBA history as he wants to go elsewhere. P.J Tucker has become louder with his displeasure with his contract situation.

Combine this with the fact that the owner, Tillman Fertitta cannot afford to keep financing this team at its current payroll, especially if they are not producing the results. The Robert Covington trade is going to be the first of many this offseason as the firesale begins.

Why this is good for the OKC Thunder

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The Thunder have a massive collection of draft picks. However, most of them are going to be late in the first round. What the firesale at the Rockets means is that the Thunder are probably going to get another lottery pick to go with their own next draft.

While the 2019-20 season was amazing to watch for any Thunder fan, the 2020-21 season will probably not reach such lofty heights. The trading of Chris Paul and Dennis Schroder, as well as the probable loss of Danilo Gallinari, means the heart of the OKC Thunder closing lineup is gone.

There is a feeling that the older assets the Presti has acquired, will be moved on for other assets. There are also rumors that Steven Adams might be traded as well, meaning that the Thunder will have an incredibly young lineup. This means that the Thunder should finish with a very good draft pick in 2021.

Given the Rockets are doing the same thing, then it is possible that the Thunder will get two top-ten picks in the 2021 draft. This is going to speed up the rebuild for the Thunder exponentially. The Westbrook trade gave the Thunder so much, now there is a chance it will give the Thunder so much more.

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