We spent 6 months with Breville’s $800 Barista Pro espresso machine — here’s how it stacks up to its $500 predecessor, the Barista Express

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New looks: There’s no denying the beauty here, and the polished stainless steel backdrop is a definitive sharpening-up of the Express’s brushed one.
David Slotnick/Business Insider

  • Breville’s new $800 Barista Pro came out last spring, and we’ve been hard at work putting it through the wringer. It’s faster, quieter, and more digitally advanced than its predecessor, the Barista Express.
  • But while the Barista Pro may be a better machine, and newer, fancier technology are great things, here’s why we still love the Barista Express.

An espresso machine is a big purchase. Even at the entry-level, we’re talking $400 or $500, for starters. In short, you want to get this right. Where the in-home, all-in-one espresso machine is concerned, we feel that Breville is currently the safest, most user-friendly option for anyone shopping in the $1,000 range.

Breville’s new Barista Pro is a thing to behold: Just like its predecessor, the Express, it comes equipped with Breville’s impeccable Smart Grinder Pro, but rather than the cylinder coil, which Breville has been using for many years, it comes with a faster, quieter, more powerful “ThermoJet” mechanism, and its stainless-steel-rich design doesn’t hurt.