U.S.-China trade talks end without a deal. Why both sides feel they have the leverage

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Nick Schifrin:

Administration officials say they understand that short-term pain, and ask for patience as they try to change long-term Chinese economic behavior. But, for now, as it was in Washington this afternoon, there could be stormy days ahead.

This afternoon, though, President Trump tweeted and called today’s discussions candid and constructive and said the conversations will continue.

To talk this through, we get two differing views.

Ryan Hass was the director for China on the National Security Council staff during the Obama administration. He is now a Brookings Institution fellow. And Derek Scissors has written extensively about China’s economy, and is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.

Thank you very much to you both for joining the “NewsHour.”

Ryan Hass, let me start with you.

Many assumed last week that there would be a deal between the two sides. Was this a breakdown we saw today?