SP 500 simple trade management strategy to maximize profit [Video]

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Check out the video for a complete walk through of the daily market analysis of S&P 500 futures (ES) for 15 Sep 2020 trading session. In this video, I am going to show you the market recap during the last session and a trade review in the three-minutes timeframe (including entry, exit and the rationale behind). I will focus on how I use a simple trade management strategy to maximize profit and why it works. Going forward, I will cover the bias, the key levels to pay attention to, my trading plan for the session later.

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Check out my daily market analysis video in the last session if you haven’t in order to better relate to the market recap and the trade review.

Bias — neutral (Day trading); bullish (long term)

Key levels — Resistance: 3380, 3425, 3450; Support: 3350–3360, 3300, 3230

Potential setup — Look for potential reversal at the key levels.