Co-Host Market Reveals how an Airbnb Co-Host can Help Grow Your Short-Term Rental Property Into a Long-Term Success

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Many Airbnb rental property owners wonder if bringing on an Airbnb property manager is a wise decision. Leading online co-host marketplace point to how this can be profit making and time-saving game changer for forward-thinking rental owners.

June 10, 2019

Having an Airbnb ready rental property and having the time to personally act as an effective and enthusiastic Airbnb property manager doesn’t always come hand-in-hand. Fortunately, there’s an option out there in online platform Co-Host Market that connects short-term rental owners with local co-host services. There’s a number of ways this can help transform an owner’s Airbnb efforts into a raging success and help turn the dream of having a steady side stream of income into a reality.

There’s no shortage of how bringing on an Airbnb co-host can help. But here are some very exciting highlights, delivered by the experts from

The first remarkable way working with an Airbnb property manager can help, is that this professional’s job is to make sure the guest experience is first-class all the way. This means the chances of earning a great review is maximized when the guest isn’t a second thought or someone who has to be squeezed in between other responsibilities. On a platform that is fueled by user reviews, the better a short-term rental property’s reviews are the more it will be rented and the more money it will earn. In most cases, this makes bringing on an Airbnb Co-Host a total win-win proposition.

Using a local co-host service also unshackle a property owner from being forced to live their lives around the schedule of guests. If they need to go out of town when their property is being rented, they can, completely stress-free. Or if their work hours conflict with when a guest wants to check in or check out it’s no issue either. The Airbnb property management service makes all of this possible, to where a short-term rental property moves much closer to passive income than it being something that sucks away a great deal of the owner’s time.

If a short-term rental property owner chooses, they can also come to an agreement with the co-host not just greeting and taking care of the guest checking out but have them also handle other short-term rental needs, This can be things like cleaning up the apartment professionally afterward making sure it is looking its best for the next guest; restocking things like shampoo, toilet paper, soap, and other amenities that need to be available to maximize guest experience; and maybe even doing some other tasks like picking up a guest from a local bus station or other landmark so they can get to the apartment or rental home without issues. All of these things can be part of the responsibilities of a co-host that can be discussed and agreed on and they all either save an owner time or add value for the guest, adding to making a short-term property a long-term success.

If you are an Airbnb rental property owner or considering turning an apartment into an Airbnb rental explore how CohostMarket can help take it to the next level.

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