China says U.S. politicians stoking new Cold War due to presidential election

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The envoy did not mention Trump or Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden by name, but he said some U.S. politicians were doing and saying anything to get elected.

“They want to do anything including treating China as an enemy,” Liu said. “Probably they think they need an enemy, they think they want a Cold War but we have no interest, we keep telling America, China is not your enemy, China is your friend, your partner.”

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said earlier this month that the United States wanted to build a global coalition to counter China as he accused Beijing of exploiting the coronavirus pandemic to further its own interests.

After British Prime Minister Boris Johnson slapped a ban on Huawei’s participation in 5G networks, Liu bluntly warned that the United Kingdom it had no future if it tried to decouple from the Communist state.

“It is hard to image a ‘Global Britain’ that bypasses or excludes China, decoupling from China means decoupling from opportunities, decoupling from growth and decoupling from the future,” Liu said.

He said London had poisoned relations by meddling in its former colony of Hong Kong and cautioned that the United Kingdom would “pay the price” if it wanted to treat China as a hostile state.