Trading Automation Now Available for Trade Users

This article was originally published on this site, the automated trading platform that allows all traders to execute all types of trading strategies — from simple to complex — using natural language, announced a new partnership with Trade, the international brand of Japanese forex giant GMO.

Through this strategic partnership, and Trade provide traders with access to the most advanced trading technology.

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Users can log in using their credentials, then use natural language to create automated trades by writing if/then statements. Capitalise directly connects to each user’s account, so all planned trades will automatically execute.

“We are excited to launch our partnership with and empower their users with our automated trading technology,” said Shahar Rabin, Capitalise CEO. “Collaborating with’s global team gives an even wider breadth of options when it comes to automating trades while providing users with the various benefits of our award-winning platform. By giving their users access to Capitalise’s powerful automated trading technology, adds value to the trading experience — helping to retain users and increase conversions.”

“As we continue to grow and expand, we’re excited to partner with other leading traders and brokers like,” said Rabin. “We’re looking forward to forming new partnerships that will make retail trading less stressful and more accessible.”

Additionally, Capitalise is scheduled to launch new features to streamline the trading experience, including mobile apps — allowing traders to check trades on the go — and historical backtesting analysis — helping users optimize their trades.

About Capitalise

Capitalise’s award-winning trading technology and intuitive natural-language interface give traders control over their time and trades. They were founded upon the belief that each and every trader should have the technological means to invest in the markets, and that they should be able to do so while maintaining their sense of calm and control.

With’s automated trading platform, traders can easily set up complex trading scenarios — no coding required.

About Trade Trade’s networks of powerful, high-grade, and secure technological infrastructure and access to deep liquidity ensures they provide users with the highest quality trading environment at a fraction of the cost.

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