Biden hits Trump on pandemic response, points to bigger role for Fauci if he wins

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Joe Biden on Tuesday will ramp up his critique of President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronvirus pandemic, warning Americans that the president is “surrendering to the virus” and blasting his “historic mismanagement” of the outbreak, Biden’s campaign told NBC News.

In a speech Tuesday afternoon from a Wilmington, Del., high school, Biden will claim that mismanagement — “of the biggest public health crisis in 100 years” — is ”continuing to cost American lives and wreck our economy,” Biden’s campaign said.

The former vice president will accuse Trump of “ignoring the crisis,” pointing to his decisions to golf and hold rallies, and will bash him for telling “a suffering country that he’s the victim,” the campaign said.

June 30, 202001:04

Biden, however, will also point to his own warnings since January about the pandemic — and to his more recent warnings that the failure to adequately address it would lead to the new spike in infections that is now being seen.

Meanwhile, the Biden campaign, in a press statement issued earlier Tuesday, revealed new elements of the presumptive Democratic nominee’s plan to combat the pandemic.

Those included Biden, if elected, giving Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute on Allergy and Infectious Diseases who appears to have been sidelined by the administration from its response to the pandemic, “full access to the Oval Office and an uncensored platform to speak directly to the American people, whether delivering good news or bad.”

Tuesday’s speech marks Biden’s latest attack on Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

In a speech outside Philadelphia last week, Biden also accused Trump of “flat-out surrendering” the fight against the disease and urged the president to “wake up” and “get to work.”