Anthony Fauci confirms Joe Biden’s central attack on Trump

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In January, I sounded the alarm over the coronavirus outbreak. Trump told the country that covid-19 is “totally under control” and that everything would all “work out well.”

In February, I warned about our failure to get information we needed from the Chinese government. I said if I were president, I would demand it.

Trump said we were in “great shape” and reported that China’s president said it was “doing very well.”

In March, I set forth a detailed plan for 500 federally-funded testing sites across the country as well as guaranteed emergency paid leave. Later that month, I called for the full and immediate use of the Defense Production Act to deliver critical supplies.

Trump accused health-care workers of stealing masks.

In April, I released plans to secure the supply chain for personal protective equipment, surge nationwide testing through a pandemic testing board, and launch a nationwide health corps to focus on contact tracing.

Trump’s suggestion?

Americans should inject disinfectants into their bodies.

In May, I condemned the false choice between preserving our public health and our economy. I urged the administration to focus on the basic public health measures like testing that would enable us to sustain our economic recovery.

Trump’s response?

He pushed for reopening without regard for safety and called testing “frankly overrated.”