4 Dow Icons In a Downtrend

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Like clockwork, U.S. equities (aside from Dow stocks) are rebounding on Wednesday thanks to another anonymous source talking up the odds of a U.S.-China trade deal in the financial media. This comes a day after President Donald Trump said he was in no hurry to secure a deal and that it might be better to wait until after the 2020 election. While a rebound is underway, much damage has already been done on worries about the unrest in Hong Kong on top of the possibility that Trump could worsen the trade spat before it gets better. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has already fallen below the 28,000 level and looks set for a violation of its 50-day moving average.

A number of component stocks are already in downtrends, signified by moving below their 200-day moving average. Click through the slideshow to see four to avoid.