7 Stock Price Predictions That Are Actually Worth Listening To

Bausch Health Companies (BHC)

Source: Kate Krav-Rude / Shutterstock.com

Bausch Health (NYSE:BHC) lost half its value on July 28, when a judge ruled against it in a patent infringement suit.

Some investors may have anticipated the ruling ahead of time. BHC stock has traded in a steady downtrend for the last 12 months.

In the first quarter, BHC posted revenue of $1.918 billion. It reported a GAAP net loss of $69 million, while adjusted EBITDA was $732 million. Despite the poor results, analysts have an average price target of $18.67. The stock traded as low as $4.00 before bouncing back slightly.

BHC stock is high-risk speculation. The company’s debt situation is still lingering. It ended the first quarter with $23.4 billion in net debt. Its initial public offering of Bausch + Lomb (NYSE:BHC) contributed to its debt reduction of $3.4 billion since the quarter’s end.

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