Nigel Farage’s investing hero leaves a bitter taste

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An email lands in Prufrock’s inbox with an update from Fortune and Freedom, Nigel Farage’s new financial newsletter. The former Ukip leader, 58, launched the service two years ago with the help of editor Nickolai Hubble.

It is full of useful tips for investors, such as “the best investor to emulate”. In Hubble’s opinion, it is a chap called Hugo Stinnes, who cashed in on inflation 100 years ago. He painted Stinnes as a visionary character in a newsletter last month and urged present-day investors to follow in his footsteps. “Consider what Stinnes invested in . . . real stuff, and the dirtier the better,” he said.

However, a reader wrote in to point out a glaring omission in his glowing praise — that Stinnes