Man promises his business partner a Rolex should she score an investment, she demands it regardless, messaging him 5 times a day, even at 3am

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A man who started doing business with a rather problematic partner found that he was pushed into keeping promises he did not make.

The man wrote in a Facebook post that he met a girl who asked him to start a business with her. She sounded hardworking and wanted to learn the trade. Though she asked him for a salary of S$3,000, he wrote that he was not prepared to pay her that amount just to think of ideas for six to 12 months.

In his post on SGWhispers on Wednesday (Aug 3), the man wrote: “Maybe $500 is ok just to help out with her expenses and the rest she needs to focus on building up her business as money don’t fall from the sky. Then to motivate her, I told her if she manage[s] to score an investment I’ll get her a Rolex for her birthday as incentive but she heard it as I will give her “a Rolex For Her Birthday.””

Even though the woman did not get the investment, the man wrote that she had been asking him for a Rolex watch up to five times a day, even contacting him at 3 am at night.

“When I confronted her about it, she said that it was something that “I promised her”, and I have no integrity”, the man wrote. He added that even when they go for meetings together, she would let him know that she was upset about not getting the watch, asking him why they could not just go ahead and buy it right then.

“I am also very afraid to bring her to meetings because she will act like a big boss, and talk about ideas without thinking about cost or who is going to do it. So its like I am cutting down the cost of events from $300,000 to $15,000, and she is talking to the vendors with big ideas to bring it back up to 300k – 500k”, the man wrote.

He asked netizens for advice on how he could encourage the woman to be realistic. He also asked if he should just give in and buy her the watch.

Here’s what netizens said:

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