Team Dow sends message of inclusion in a container

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But Dow’s inclusion mission goes well beyond the month of June. Dow’s ID&E efforts are largely driven by employees and supported by leadership committed to sharing workplace values and demonstrating compelling business reasons for others to follow. And others in the business community are noticing–seeing the value that ERGs such as GLAD can bring, not only from an employee engagement standpoint, but also from a business perspective.

Partnerships are what bind us together, connect our communities and help to advance ID&E awareness as well as innovation. When we work together across the industry, with our partners both in and out of the supply chain, we can make great things happen. That means collaborating with our customers, suppliers and partners to come together to share our lessons, learnings and all the progress we’ve made as an organization. This has helped our partners along their journey, in turn helping the world become a more equal and inclusive place, while ultimately increasing value to our business relationships.

Who says awareness is something intangible? Visibility can be a superpower.

A perfect example of this is our recent Rainbow Container initiative in partnership with Maersk, the global logistics and transport company and Dow supplier. The project kicked off in July 2020, when Maersk reached out about working with large partners that were shipping products with them internationally. Dow applauded the project and was more than happy to participate because the two companies have worked together on successful initiatives in the past, including an ongoing effort to eliminate plastic waste in the shipping process.

The initiative featured two fully functional containers that were painted with a Pride rainbow and then put in Maersk’s ongoing fleet, traveling across the globe from Houston to the Port of Antwerp in Belgium. Prior to making its way to Europe, and during a stopover in the U.S., Dow hosted a ‘send-off’ event for one of the containers, where employees had the opportunity to come together to see it and add their personal, hand-written messages of inclusion.