Doug McDermott Top Spurs Trade Candidate to Watch During NBA Draft?

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The San Antonio Spurs are considered by many around the league as a team to watch during the 2022 NBA Draft for potential trades. They have three selections during the first round (9, 20, 25) and have a few veteran players that could be moved for the right price if they seek to do so. 

The Spurs traded Derrick White to the Boston Celtics at the midseason deadline to gain another draft asset. With names like Josh Richardson, Doug McDermott, and Jakob Poeltl, there are options if they choose to make another move of that nature.

NBA Analysis Network identified the top trade candidate to watch during the NBA Draft for all 30 teams in the league. For the Spurs, the selection was McDermott given the demand for shooting around the league. 

Historically, making trades isn’t the Spurs’ style. This team trusts its developmental program too much to give up on young players willingly. It’s also hard to get a read on exactly what this group is doing. Are the Spurs rebuilding, or treading water until they can land a star?

They might not trade anyone this summer, but contending teams in need of floor spacing may be inclined to acquire McDermott. For the right price, the Spurs should be willing to part with him. 

McDermott is a logical choice for a few reasons. There is always going to be a strong demand for shooting, for one. Secondly, Poeltl could fill a key role as the starting center in many scenarios entering the 2022-23 season. There is also a saturation of shooting guards in NBA trade rumors as of late with Eric Gordon drawing most of the attention from contending teams. 

McDermott is coming off a 2021-22 season with averages of 11.3 points, 2.2 rebounds, and 1.3 assists while shooting 42.2 percent from beyond the arc. He’s set to earn just under $13.8 million during the remaining two seasons of his current contract. His motion shooting ability enhances a half-court offense in ways that many cannot. 

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