Live music featured at second open-air market on Rossville Boulevard

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The BLVD Project and Rossville Downtown Development Authority have teamed up to host a series of open-air markets this summer. The second market will be hosted on Friday, July 1, from 4-8 p.m. with a live performance by Ryan Oyer beginning at 5:30 p.m.

Flora De Mel will be the alcohol and food vendor and vendors with Culture Chatt will also be there to provide ethnic food options.

Guests can expect a wide variety of other retailers, including produce, flowers, original artwork, and consumable goods.

The first market in June was a success, with 15 vendors and hundreds of visitors.

The market will be located at 207 Chickamauga Ave. in Rossville, with the last market of the summer on Aug. 5.

Heather Herweyer, executive director of The BLVD Project, said the group decided to host open-air markets after completing a series of workshops led by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The workshops were granted to a select few cities across the country to stimulate economic development, repurpose vacant lots, and increase community access to fresh produce.

“A market in this area seemed like it would have the most potential to lead to future development,” Herweyer said. “Residents in our area are always traveling to other parts of Chattanooga/North Georgia to have fun and procure goods. We wanted to test our hypothesis that if fun events were offered in our area, people would stay here and spend their money on our local businesses here.”

Tobey Hill, executive director for Rossville Downtown Development Authority, said the markets will give residents a chance to “feel Rossville.”

“This event gives us a much-needed opportunity to be a destination — even if it is just for a few hours,” Hill said. “We want people to begin to see and experience Rossville differently, and I think this outdoor market series will be a vital step forward in inviting people to come in and experience our community.”

The markets will feature local businesses like Flora de Mel. Owner Jay Martin says the events will be a welcomed change. “As a new business in Rossville, Flora de Mel is thrilled to see more light coming to the area. Artists’ markets bring energy, creativity, and much-needed love to downtown Rossville, and we very much look forward to participating,” Martin said.