The World Trade Organisation agrees deals

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Ministers at the World Trade Organisation -which sets the rules for global trade – have reached limited agreements on a number of areas.

We hear from Alan Wolff, the former deputy directory-general of the World Trade Organisation about the deal on banning fishing subsidies – that has been achieved after more than 20 years of talks.

After a tumultuous week we check in with the markets on Wall Street. Joe Saluzzi, Institutional partner at Themis Trading joins us.

A BBC survey of more than 4 thousand adults in the UK shows people are cutting back on food and car journeys to save money. Nancy Marshall Genzer of our US partner programme Marketplace has been investigating how American Gen Zs are coping with the economic instability.

Colombians go to the polls on Sunday in an election that commentators say will change the direction of the country – no matter who wins. Sergio Guzman, director of Colombia Risk Analysis, and Businessman Hernando Barreto give their views.