Canadiens Trade Shea Weber's Contract to Golden Knights for Evgeni Dadonov

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Montreal’s captain is off to finish his career in a new home. 

The Montreal Canadiens have traded Shea Weber to the Vegas Golden Knights in exchange for Evgeni Dadonov. 

Weber missed the entire season with foot and ankle injuries and is not expected to play again. 

Weber was one of the better defenders in the NHL in 2020-21 racking up 19 points in 48 games in the pandemic-shortened 2021 campaign before helping lead the Canadiens to a surprise appearance in the Stanley Cup final. 

Alas, foot and ankle injuries that had ailed Weber for years grew worse over the course of that run. And, following the Canadiens’ defeat at the hands of the Tampa Bay Lightning, it was revealed that Weber would be out indefinitely, with the likelihood that he would never play again.

That still looks that way, which is a sad end for a once-dominant defender in the NHL. 

Dadonov was originally moved at the deadline to Anaheim, but the deal was made void due to his modified no trade clause. Dadonov, 33, had 20 goals and 43 points in 78 games with the Golden Knights.