Bright Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs

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By Julie Johansen

On June 1 and 2, young entrepreneurs were invited to participate in an Emery Youth Entrepreneurs Academy that was sponsored by the Emery County Business Chamber. The program was developed as an investment in the future of Emery County. By participating in this program, the youth are taught how to start their own business, set goals, make a plan and execute that plan to become a successful entrepreneur.

Instruction and directives were given by Jordan and Amanda Leonard, Ethan Migliori and Ryan Murray. The Leonards work for Emery County, Amanda as an event coordinator and Jordan in USU Extension Education. Migliori is employed by USU Eastern while Murray is a published author of “Growth by the Numbers” and a market manager presenter.

The instructors demonstrated how to choose a business, successfully set goals, develop a business plan and implement a financial plan. Participants also learned about branding and advertising, accounting and customer service.