LSO benchers debate investing in a professional name reader call the names of new licensees

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Fagan said “real multiculturalism” involves people of different linguistic and cultural backgrounds working together, celebrating their increasing diversity and, among other things, doing the necessary mutual work to learn how to pronounce each other’s names face to face.

”Real multiculturalism doesn’t involve the cop-out as it were of hiring outside professionals to take the load off us and does not involve people taking offence when on early meetings of people of different linguistic backgrounds names are accidentally mispronounced.”

Murray Klippenstein, who seconded the motion, said that until recently, the profession assumed that the ideals and aspirations of openness, opportunity, individual equality, non-discrimination and focusing on common humanity were a good basis for moving forward together as a society.

“Instead, our Canadian society and our law society is increasingly being taken over by an ideology of never-ending round the clock turbocharged identity politics, which many call ‘wokism’ or as I see it whacky wokism, in which every mispronunciation of someone’s name is considered an egregious microaggression and grounds to write a media article or social media posting trumpeting one’s personal grievance and entitlement.”

Bencher Atrisha Lewis read a letter by the South Asian Bar Association (SABA), which stated that the organization is concerned about the motion and urged benchers to listen to SABA’s submission and reject the motion.