Wisely Investing Your Time Binge-Watching Television

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Monday I finished watching the Sherlock Holmes-themed television series “Elementary” for the second time. All seven seasons. All 154 episodes. So now where do I turn for entertainment? A little channel surfing might provide the answer.

Television was a buffet in our household Tuesday. Grazing for something new to binge watch is a commitment. So many channels, so little time.

First stop was the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where I tried their latest offering, “Moon Knight.” “Hawkeye” and “Loki” were wonderful, so I trusted the MCU not to disappoint (Except for “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” “Iron Man 2” and “Avengers: Age of Ultron”). But Moon Knight? Meh.

Next came a series of one and dones. There was “8 Out Of 10 Cats”, a British offering hosted by the so funny he should be outlawed Jimmy Carr. My Bride and I watched a documentary on Blues Legend Robert Johnson. We finished the last episodes of “Ozark.” No spoilers here. I’ll just say the ending was controversial, but cynically appropriate.

Wednesday was easy. Star Wars Day. May the Fourth be with you. Get it? Of course, purists will agree that the first Star Wars, released in 1977 is the only true Star Wars. The rest are toy commercials. I will give grudging respect to Rogue One, because it told a compelling story that led up to the real Star Wars. And for those of you who say Empire Strikes Back is the best movie in the series, please. Just, please. You are embarrassing yourself.

There are lot of one or two season wonders on TV. I’ve tried Jekyll/Hyde, Dracula, Blood Ties, Relic Hunter, just to name a few.

There are eight seasons of “Penn and Teller: Fool Us,” which is always entertaining.

Sure, we could watch previews of wonderful programs to come. Season three of The Umbrella Academy is almost upon us.

But I want to binge watch now. And did you know a new “Downton Abbey” movie is about to be released in theatres? May 20th. Talk about destination programming.

I could start back up on an old favorite I fell out of love with. The Flash. Or my longtime go-to, NCIS. It’s just not the same without Gibbs, Abby and DiNozzo, however.

I briefly considered having meaningful conversations with my fellow man but dismissed it out of hand.

Or I could go back to the tried and true: Ancient Aliens and Ghost, but that opens it’s own Pandora’s Box of choices. On one channel alone I could view Ghost Brothers, America’s Most Haunted Asylum, The Dead Files, Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Caught On Camera, Portals To Hell, Kindred Spirits, Haunted Towns, The Ghost Town Terror, A Haunting, Destination Fear, Ghost Hunters, These Woods Are Haunted, A Ghost Ruined My Life, It Feels Evil, Haunting In The Heartland, Paranormal 911, Ghosts Of Morgan City, My Paranormal Nightmare, Alaska Haunting, Most Terrifying Places In America, In Search Of Monsters, Fear The Woods, Deadly Possessions, Hometown Horror, Dark Tales, Haunted Case Files, Amish Haunting, Fright Club, Ghost Loop, Ghost Nation, Haunted Hospitals, Haunted USA, Most Terrifying, My Haunted House, My Horror Story, Paranormal Captured, Paranormal Declassified, Paranormal Emergency, Paranormal Night Shift, Scariest Night Of My Life, Trending Fear, True Terror, Web Of Darkness, and Witches Of Salem. Mind you, all of those came from one channel.

In the end, I decided to start at the beginning of “Elementary” one more time. Who knows? There might be an entertaining nugget I missed before.