Rudy Gobert Trade: What Would Knicks Have to Give Jazz?

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Every single speculative trade you read regarding the Utah Jazz is largely based on the presumption that Utah realizes its present roster has reached a ceiling, and that change is needed.

That’s one of the reasons New York native Donovan Mitchell continues to bob to the surface as a candidate to move.

And it’s one of the reasons a Rudy Gobert chase might also be on.

The trick for the New York Knicks as it relates to the big man Gobert: How to give up a legit package for a guy who is a perennial NBA Defensive Player of the Year candidate?

This might do it.


Beekeeper Rudy


Our pals at NBA Analysis suggest this: Utah gets Derrick Rose, Evan Fournier Cam Reddish and two first-round picks.

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Yes, every time a Knicks trade package is suggested by the media, some of these names come up. But in this case, it’s all the names – and two first-rounders as well.

Would Utah – a playoff team as presently constructed – rebound with such a package? Rebound with such a package? Rebuild with such a package?

Can Utah, which reputedly has chemistry problems with its present group, be a playoff team while led by ex-Knicks? Oh, and if Gobert goes, does Donovan Mitchell stay?

This is all speculative stuff at this point; it’s not yet known if Utah is ready to start over. But if so, Reddish and the picks is a viable concept. And maybe, in that scenario, Rose and Fournier and the rest of the package are shuffled off elsewhere.

Gobert has his offensive limitations, so Rudy in New York would mean a sea change on both rosters. It means one Mitchell (Donovan) might not want to stay in Utah, and it means another Mitchell (Robinson) might escape from New York.

The central issue in finding a match: Are both franchise looking for that “sea change”?