People Are Talking About Things They Splurged On That Turned Out To Be Major Life Upgrades, And It's Giving Me Ideas

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Last year, after wearing cheap sunnies over my prescription glasses for waaay too long, I splurged on a pair of actual prescription sunglasses. And now that I have them, I can’t believe I waited so long!

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I try to be careful with my spending, but the difference between wearing a bulky stack of glasses vs. one sleek prescription pair made me realize that there is such a thing as being ~too~ frugal. Sometimes a buy that initially seems like a major splurge can turn out to be an essential.

Recently, u/fapping_giraffe asked r/Frugal to share the not-so-frugal purchases that turned out to be totally worth it. Here’s what people had to say:

1.“For me, it was a portable window AC. I splurged on a good one, and my quality of life changed instantly. I went from tossing and turning, sweating, and never having a great sleep to sleeping like an absolute rock every single night tucked deeply into my covers. It might literally be the best investment I’ve ever made in terms of a consumer product.”

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2.“I got a membership at a full-service health club affiliated with my community hospital with full-time personal trainers who taught small classes. I had lost a little weight and wanted to learn how to move my body. That club helped me create a healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life. Worth every cent.”


3.“A super-nice pair of sheets and a great pillow that suits my sleeping positions. I never want to get out of bed, and they’re always a hit with overnight guests.”


4.“Laser eye surgery. Best $3,000 I ever spent.”

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5.“I grew up in an abusive family, and one of my worst nightmares used to be that I’d become disabled and permanently dependent on my parents. A few years ago, I paid a lawyer $800 to put together my will, living will, healthcare proxy, and Power of Attorney. It was worth it for the peace of mind I have knowing that if something happens to me and I can’t make decisions for myself, someone I can trust will do it for me. I don’t have to worry anymore that my parents will take control in an emergency.”


6.“A generator. A month after we bought it, we lost power for almost a week due to a severe storm that came through. It saved all of our refrigerated and frozen food. We were able to have lights, appliances, and Wi-Fi. Worth it.”


7.“My $1,100 sit/stand desk. I work full time from home on my own business, so having stuff like this makes my quality of life better.”

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8.“I bought a fridge with a crushed ice dispenser. I didn’t realize just how much I would be obsessed with crushed ice. I drink way more water and also dilute every drink in a barrage of crushed ice so they last longer. And I haven’t even enjoyed a summer with it yet!”


9.“A really good pair of headphones and sunglasses. I never lose them because they’re so valuable. Plus, they keep me comfortable and happy.”


10.“I got a robot vacuum. I run it daily while I’m working from home. It picks up so much of my dog’s hair and saves me from vacuuming! My floors are spotless, which makes me feel like my whole house is in order.”

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11.“Our dehydrator. I bought a mid-range one and made sure that it had good reviews before buying it. It’s honestly been great for saving fruit and veggies that are getting a bit old that I don’t have energy to make into relishes or chutneys, and for dehydrating foraged mushrooms for later use or to make into powders. Our house is pretty small, so running it also takes the edge off the cold in the evenings.”


12.“Solar panels on my home and an electric vehicle to drive.”


13.“Regular dog training sessions and, when my dog was young and super-duper-dog-social and FULL of energy, doggy daycare. I ‘could’ learn the training stuff on my own, but having a pro who’s expecting me and my dog to do our homework is a great motivator, and it’s established a wonderful way of connecting with my very good dog. It’s a really fun hobby for me now, and it makes my pup so happy. Likewise with the daycare. I never thought I’d waste that money when I ‘could’ just put in more work tiring out my dog. I NEEDED the break from her though, and playing with other dogs wore her out in a way that I just couldn’t. It really helped save my sanity and my relationship with her when she was a young terror.”

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14.“I got one of those at-home laser hair removal systems. Mine was around $200. I’ve only had it a few months, but I already don’t shave as much. Razors seem to last forever now. In some spots, I think the hair is permanently gone. I came across it while researching wax beads. This was a much better option for me. It’s painless, and there’s nothing to spill or screw up.”


15.“A good coffee grinder. I’ve always loved coffee, but I never believed that the grinder is as important as people say, and I was just using a cheap ceramic one. After buying a 1zpresso grinder, my coffee is out of this world. I’m using a V60, and my cups are so clean and juicy it’s unreal. Believe me, the grinder is the most important part of the coffee setup.”


16.“I buy a lot of kitchen gadgets and some don’t get used much, but these are some of the more expensive pieces I use constantly: KitchenAid mixer, large stockpots, pressure cooker, Pyrex glass bowl set, sous vide setup (basin, rack, and heater), and food processor. Making food from scratch is part of what I do to be frugal, and the right tools make it so much easier.”

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17.“A Coach purse. I bought it for $200 as an 18-month sobriety present for myself, and it’s lasted me three years with absolutely no signs of wear. I used to go through Kohl’s purses every six months, and they would look so ragged by the end of it. This one just needs a wipe down occasionally. I grew up in a super-poor family and, call me shallow, but it makes me happy.”


18.“A Litter Robot. One of my cats likes to always have a clean box, but I work in healthcare and cannot tend to his royal tooshy at all times. The LR ensures he always has a clean box. It also uses less litter, so I waste less, and the litter lasts longer.”


19.“When I was hosting on Airbnb, I spent some of the money on weekly house cleaning. It was kind of the cost of doing business, and I worked full time so it wasn’t really optional. Fast-forward eight years, several promotions, and a move to a smaller house — no more Airbnb, but I hate cleaning so much I simply won’t. So every other week, my house is cleaned while I’m at work. It’s not frugal, but it is a trade decision. I do not want to spend my limited free time cleaning. I also am in a financial position where this is an option. It does mean I’m not spending money on other things, like less takeout food. I’d much rather cook than clean! Also, my cleaners need jobs. I feel like this is well worth it.”

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20.“A weighted blanket drastically improved my sleep! $52 is pretty cheap, but it was an impulse buy at CVS. I have had sleep issues for years and have used melatonin, Sleepytime teas, nidra yoga, exercise — you name it, except for pharmaceuticals. The weighted blanked works better than anything I’ve tried, with no effort or grogginess. I have used it for three months and am so happy with the improvement.”


21.“A bidet.”


22.“Thick black-out curtains that cover my entire bedroom wall. They block light, reduce noise, and insulate.”

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23.“My Instant Pot air fryer! One of my biggest pet peeves is having a bunch of appliances I barely use. Getting to have an air fryer, instant pot, rice cooker, slow cooker, and more all in one is fantastic. I use that thing probably four times a week.”


24.“Buying NICE pots and pans has totally changed my experience of cooking. I was a big initial investment that has saved me a HUGE amount of money in takeout bills.”


25.“A good, hardshell suitcase. I used to travel with various duffel bags, but now I have one good suitcase that holds everything I need. I always put off buying one ’cause they’re so expensive, but they’re 100% worth the price.”

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26.“A heating blanket. The radiator is turned on lower now, my cats love it, and it helps with cramps.”


27.And finally, “My wife and I bought a high-end tent when we first got married. I’ve camped my entire life and never spent that much on tents. Well, this one was huge, and we used the hell out of it. It took a beating during storms and high winds and never let us down. Sometimes, paying for quality pays off.”


What’s something you splurged on that turned out to be worth every penny? Sound off in the comments!

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