Maybank Investment Bank Launches 'Trade with Maybank' Telegram Channel

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(Image: The Edge Markets)

Maybank Investment Bank has launched an official Telegram channel dubbed “Trade with Maybank” to provide timely, bite-sized stock market information to investors.

The investment bank said that through this platform, its experts will provide first-hand trading ideas, technical and fundamental analyses, as well as research and educational materials. These materials are expected to benefit investors and traders by helping them to make informed decisions. 

In addition to that, subscribers of the channel will receive invitations to webinars and events organised by the bank. They will also have the opportunity to access fresh market news and announcements, such as new initial public offerings and structured warrant listings.

(Image of Azzahir Azhar: The Star)

The head of investment management for Maybank Investment Bank, Azzahir Azhar said that the bank hopes to use the Telegram channel to provide high-quality ideas that its clients and the investing community can act on. “As a responsible capital market participant, we are also committed to proactively educating investors to help them on their investing journey,” he added.

Finally, the investment bank welcomes investors to join the Telegram channel to get daily updates and news highlights on trading provided by the bank. As of the time of writing, the channel has gained 4,901 subscribers, with more than 3,700 having joined within the first week of its launch. 

(Sources: The Edge Markets, Maybank Investment Bank)

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