Sustainability goes beyond investing for Canadians says Mackenzie

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Climate change and the environment is the main focus, with 57% of investors holding investments that support this cause, with lower levels of focus on human rights (27%), fair labour practices (23%), and gender equality (19%).

“Canadians continue to show strong interest in promoting sustainability through their investing, and that’s great news on multiple levels,” said Andrew Simpson, portfolio manager and head of the Mackenzie Betterworld Team.  “As sustainability issues grow more salient throughout the world, it’s encouraging that Canadian investors are identifying sustainable investments as an opportunity to reinforce their portfolios while also aligning their investments with their values.”

A recent report from IBM highlighted international engagement with sustainable investing but highlights how time to research and a lack of reliable data continue to be barriers to adoption for many investors.

However, former BoC governor Mark Carney says that there needs to be an acceleration in one key area of the drive towards a greener planet – clean energy.

Speaking in a Bloomberg TV interview, Carney, who is Brookfield Asset Management’s head of transition investing, urged the world to do more, with investment in clean energy currently running at a third of the pace needed to meet climate goals.