Greenfood is investing in eco-friendly banana boxes -100 percent recycled paper reduces climate emissions, saving 7,500 every year.

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Greenfood attaches great importance to minimizing the environmental and climate footprint of its packaging. Therefore, Daily Green’s banana boxes are now being replaced with a brand-new box made from 100 percent recycled paper. The new banana box reduces emissions of carbon dioxide equivalents by 308 kg per tonne of recycled paper, and no new wood raw material is used – in one year the new boxes save almost 7,000 trees.

Greenfood is one of northern Europe’s largest players in healthy and sustainable food; the group distributes fruit and vegetables and healthy convenience food throughout Sweden and Europe. For this to be possible, good packaging is required that minimizes product damage, extends shelf life, and reduces food waste. But it is also important that the packaging is as durable as possible.

The Greenfood brand, Daily Green’s new climate-smart banana box is made from 100 percent recycled paper and is manufactured locally in Ecuador. The box has a significantly lower climate footprint; for each tonne of recycled paper, carbon dioxide equivalent emissions are reduced by 308 kg. In addition, no new wood raw material is used, which saves approximately 7,000 trees per year.

“The banana category is by far the largest category in the grocery trade and therefore the new packaging is an important step in our journey towards making our packaging more sustainable. By using recycled raw materials as packaging material, we are reducing carbon dioxide emissions while saving our valuable natural resources,” said Lisa Isakson, Greenfood’s Sustainability Manager.

In recent years, Greenfood has made great strides in its work with better packaging solutions, not least with the climate in mind. The work of creating more sustainable packaging is done by reducing the amount of packaging material, switching to recycled or renewable raw materials, and making the packaging recyclable.