Call for Proposals: Open Trade, Sustainable Investment and Industry.

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The Think20 (T20) is the official engagement group of G20, bringing together leading think tanks and research centers worldwide. At the current affairs where we witnessed uneven economic recovery, the rise in inequality, and global frictions that call for global coordinated actions, the 2022 T20 has become ever more critical as it serves as the ‘ideas bank’ of the G20 and aims to provide research-based policy recommendations to the G20 leaders. The T20 this year’s agenda will carry some emerging issues to translate recovery opportunities to substantial economic reform. The three main priority issues of the T20 this year are 1) Promoting productivity; 2) Inclusive and sustainable development and human capital; 3) Economic stability and resiliency which translated into nine task forces (TFs). Please refer to the T20 Indonesia website for the complete information regarding T20 and TFs. For your information, this year ERIA is supporting T20 activities under several TFs.

We kindly invite you to submit abstracts of Policy Briefs for Task Force (TF) 1 ‘Open Trade, Sustainable Investment and Industry.’The TF 1 aims to formulate robust policy briefs that promote enabling environment and partnership for international trade, investment, and industry to drive a resilient, inclusive, and sustainable post-COVID world. This TF consists of some policy areas such as WTO reform agenda, resilient, inclusive supply chain, open, fair and green trade, sustainable investment, digital trade & digitally enabled services. Thus, the TF aims to deliver a robust, independent, and inclusive research-based policy platform for experts and impactful policy options for the G20 policy-making process. Examples of past T20 Policy briefs can be found here.

You can submit your abstract and see the guidelines here: and please note that the deadline for abstract submission is January 10th, 2022. We would also appreciate it if you could share this call with your networks. If you have any questions on the call, you can send an email to [email protected]

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examples of past T20 Policy briefs

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