How We Set Ourselves Up To Retire in 5 Years Through Real Estate Investing

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Flip & Dani share how they set themselves up to retire in 5 years through real estate investing and how their passion to help others do the same inspired them to create a 365 day Podcast Series titled “Freedom Through Passive Income”.

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The Social Security Administration did a study of 100 people who were reaching retirement.  
1 person was wealthy
4 people were financially free,
5 people were working because they had too, not because they want too
36 people are dead
54 people are broke

After removing those who died, 92% of people are broke and living off family or working because they have too.  Only 8% of people have the financial freedom to retire.

We want to help fix this and teach more people how to stop trading time for money and start living a life that provides them with enough passive income to live the life they desire. 

0:00 – Intro
0:13 – Flip & Dani Welcome
0:36 – How We Set Ourselves Up To Retire in 5 Years Through Real Estate Investing
0:50 – Our Story
1:52 – Two Retirement Buckets:  1) 6 Businesses and 2) Multifamily
3:25 – We’re choosing to work because we want too… we’re in Vegas
3:55 – Social Security Administration Stats
5:01 – 92% of people are broke
5:33 – Let’s do a podcast and help others!!
5:54 – Listen in on private conversations
6:34 – Let us know how we’re doing
6:47 – A motto we live by…