Future Investment Initiative Institute launches TH!NKpod podcast series

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FII Institute is excited to launch its exclusive new podcast series, TH!NKpod, featuring interviews with the world’s brightest minds and prominent leaders, including heads of state, academics, CEOs, entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, and even an astronaut, whose journeys will inspire you to make an Impact On Humanity.  

Hosted by FII Institute’s Aziz Sirajuddin and Francisco Serra-Martins, two award-winning entrepreneurs TH!NKpod is the exclusive platform to hear the smartest ideas and the biggest challenges facing the world today. 

The podcast is inspired by our mission to catalyze impact on humanity. The podcast is built on our efforts to turn big ideas into real-world solutions to the most pressing problems of today, for a brighter, more inclusive, and sustainable future.  

TH!NKpod will showcase a wide range of topics, from artificial intelligence and robotics to education, healthcare, sustainability, food security, virtual reality, blockchain, and crypto, to the world of investments and more. 

Join us each Thursday for episodes that will inspire you to make an #ImpactOnHumanity. Subscribe to our TH!NKpod series by clicking here: 


Stay tuned!