Research and Analysis of the Sino-US Agricultural Trade in Current Decade

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China has a large population, so the supply of agricultural products is very essential, and agricultural trade plays an important role. According to the data from the United Nations’ commodity trade, the rate of agricultural products trade development between China and the United States is declining since 2012, and China has kept perennial trade disadvantage for a long period of time. In order to change the current trade situation, we must make in-depth analysis on the two countries’ agricultural products trade status and their characteristics, thus target to development of trade strategy. This paper first introduces the current imbalance situation of the agricultural trade between China and the United States, then analyzes the causes of trade imbalance and its impact. Finally, some relevant countermeasures are putting forward, such as expanding the scale of the economy and agriculture; narrowing the gap between international and domestic regions and improving the quality and safety of agricultural products.