Google announces billion-dollar investment in Australia’s digital future

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Google is expected to create 28,000 new jobs over the next five years as they serve up a billion-dollar investment in Australian innovation.

The Google’s Digital Future Initiative will deliver a billion dollars in Australian infrastructure, research and partnerships. Google Australia & New Zealand Managing Director Mel Silva says under the Digital Future Initiative, the brand will continue to invest in the infrastructure needed to help Australians make the most of technology.

Google’s Digital Future Initiative

“The Digital Future Initiative is about bringing significant technology resources and capabilities to Australia, investing in the infrastructure that benefits people and businesses, and helping the best talent thrive here,” Silva said.

“A strong digital future creates opportunities, improves the every day and enables the extraordinary – and we’d love to help Australia and Australians make the most of the opportunity and build for tomorrow,” she said.

Google leads the charge for digital transformation

Silva says the investment will provide Australian businesses with a secure and robust platform for business transformation.

“It’ll enable them to become more productive and quickly respond to ever-changing customer needs, as they grow their business and the digital economy.

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Building Australia’s digital future starts with having the right foundation for growth, said Alister Dias – Vice President, Google Cloud, Australia & New Zealand.

“From new cloud regions here in Australia to high-bandwidth and connectivity, every aspect of our infrastructure investment is a strong reflection of our commitment to help businesses scale, innovate faster and bring their ideas to life,” Dias said.

Google backs Australian-made technology and talent 

From the cochlear implant to wi-fi – Australians have been responsible for some ground-breaking discoveries. With the launch of Google’s first Australian research facility, Google Research Australia, Google’s partnership and investment in innovation will pave the way for more Aussies to find creative solutions to many of the issues we face as a nation.

Right now, Google is working with Australian organisations to apply new technology solutions to urgent challenges we face today – from bushfires to mental health and cancer diagnosis.

“The thing about this type of innovation is we will be able to create whole new markets and accelerate Australia to the forefront,” says Dr Larry Marshall, Chief Executive, CSIRO.

The CSIRO solves Australia’s greatest challenges through innovative science and technology, but our partnerships with industry are what makes those solutions real – because when industry innovates Australia grows.

“CSIRO’s science makes life better for every Australian, and when amplified by Google’s Technology it will catalyse collaborative projects across our entire national innovation system, driving opportunity for businesses of all sizes across every market, Marshall concluded.

An investment in the digital economy

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said digital infrastructure is a foundation of the digital economy and Google’s billion dollar investment bodes well for the future of the nation.

Today’s announcement by Google demonstrates that we are taking the right approach and it recognises the digital leadership that is necessary for Australia to emerge as a top digital economy by 2030,” Morrison said.

“Not only in the role that government makes to play in enabling and supporting, but more importantly recognise that it is great private capital investors and entrepreneurs that actually will drive this change,” said the PM.

Google chief executive Sundar Pichai  the one billion dollar commitment by Google would help lead the world’s next wave of innovation, harnessing technology to improve lives, create jobs, and make progress.

“Google‘s growing presence across Australia reflects our deep confidence in the future,”

“We believe a strong digital future is one where everyone has access to technology, the skills to use it where the internet economy fulfils its immense potential, and Australia‘s long tradition of innovation can grow and thrive,” Pichai concluded.

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