Future-proof investment trusts

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Investment trusts are among the most venerable investment vehicles on the UK market and they are increasingly among the most popular. The ability to trade shares in investment trusts and gain exposure to every corner of the investment universe, coupled with decades-long records of success in some cases, have made the investment trust a must for any diversified portfolio. 

For our investment trust special, we sent some of our best writers and analysts into the world of investment trusts to seek out the most compelling trends and the best ideas. Algy Hall takes us around the world once again with his Phileas Fogg-inspired investment trust screen while Dave Baxter has found some trusts a little closer to home that tap into the hottest investment trends. Mary McDougall explores the world of alternative investment trusts while Leonora Walters asks whether you should be a generalist or a specialist. Meanwhile we revisit our investment trust income portfolios 12 months on and also ask a panel of experts for their favourite investment trusts. 

To top it all off, we are also offering you the chance to win £5,000 to invest in an investment company.