City seeks input on $4M investment in Lively/Walden

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The City of Greater Sudbury is seeking ideas from Lively/Walden area residents regarding what should be done with the $4 million they received by selling Meatbird Lake Park. 

As previously reported, the park was sold to Vale at a cost of $4 million, which is twice what the city originally paid to purchase the property from Inco. 

The company plans to undertake a $100-million tailings dam improvement project over the next 10 years. 

“I know that Meatbird Lake Park is a valued asset for the people of Walden, and I can assure you that we worked hard to ensure that we will have the resources to provide you with new recreational amenities,” Mayor Brian Bigger said at the time. 

Making good on this pledge, the city is using a number of online tools, including a survey and idea board available at, to seek the public’s feedback. 

Paper copies are also available by request at Citizen Service Centres and libraries throughout the city, and feedback can also be submitted by calling 311. 

Whatever information is collected will be shared with the Lively Recreation Advisory Panel, which is working with the city to develop recommendations for city council consideration.

The city’s website on these ongoing efforts, accessible by clicking here, is updated regularly, according to a press release issued by the city, and allows residents to sign up to follow the project and receive the most up-to-date information.