How to farm SP early in Lost Judgment

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Lost Judgment takes after its brother Judgment in many ways, but it has also taken elements from Yakuza 6 with how it handles fights and earns SP. You earn SP from mostly everything you do in the game, but a lot of it comes down to fighting.

Fighting can give you a bonus to SP depending on circumstances, such as not getting hit, deflecting an attack, using an EX move, etc. The list is pretty massive overall, and all of it adds up. Of course, you can spend that SP in the Skills app on your phone to make your styles stronger and other abilities. But don’t.

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Instead, save it all up, and scroll down the Stats page until you see Battle Bonus. There are six levels in total, and at Lv.6 can earn 300 percent more SP after a battle. The cost of these skills increases massively, from the level before it. It doubles, but the price is worth the cost.

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When exploring Chapter 3, we had 50k SP saved up and instantly purchased Battle Bonus Lv.4. In each fight, you walk away with 500 SP easily, plus you can earn more by taking your time in each fight. Switch between all styles, and defeat one person. Always deflect an attack in Snake Style for an easy 150 SP, likewise for using an EX attack.

Always engage in fights because with the SP increase it’s worth spending those 30 secs beating up punks to earn potentially 1000 SP every fight with Battle Bonus LV.6. Getting these early may potentially make some fights harder than they should be, but for the rest of the game, you’ll be earning significantly more SP than you usually would.

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