New trade suggestion: Sixers move star Ben Simmons for C.J. McCollum

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The only real question surrounding the Philadelphia 76ers as they enter training camp in a few weeks is the status of Ben Simmons. The Sixers have been taking trade calls on the 25-year old and the embattled star has had enough as he now wants out.

There have been a ton of trade suggestions and trade rumors since the news of Simmons wanting out and this edition is no different. The trade suggestions are always intriguing and there is always some analysis that comes with it.

In the latest trade suggestion by Bleacher Report, the deal is Simmons heading to the Portland Trail Blazers, not for Damian Lillard, but for C.J. McCollum, a 2023 first-round pick swap, and a 2024 first-round pick.

B/R on the deal:

For Philadelphia, McCollum is older, smaller and perhaps has a lower talent ceiling. However, his fit alongside Joel Embiid would be worlds better.

Over the last two seasons (and postseasons), McCollum has put up 26.5 points, 6.9 assists and 2.9 threes per 75 possessions when playing without Lillard. He’s shown he can dominate as a No. 1 ballhandler, and his outside shooting ability would keep defenders away from Embiid’s post-ups.

McCollum would be a huge help on the offensive end as he would provide some much-needed shot creation on this offense, but he would be a bit of a detriment on the defensive end. It would put more pressure on Joel Embiid and Matisse Thybulle to step up and replace what they will be losing in Simmons on the defensive end.

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