5 High Sharpe Ratio Dividend Stocks in the S&P 500

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Inflation has spiked 5% sending shockwaves through the investment world.

You may be feeling the heat already.

Gas prices up almost 50% since last year – over $3 a gallon.

Used car and truck prices surged 21%. Lumber prices skyrocketed 124%.

A single piece of plywood costs about $100 right now. Last year? About $38.

Meanwhile, your grocery bill seems to climb higher every week. Everything from bread, meat, eggs and milk is on the rise… and with no end in sight. Global food prices soar a whopping 40% over last year.

Inflation fears continue to mount as President Biden proposes a $6 trillion budget for next year with nearly $2 trillion in deficit spending.

That’s in addition to the U.S. government pumping a staggering $5.5 Trillion of freshly printed dollars into the new COVID economy last year.

Deutsche Bank issued this dire warning:

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