NY Mets Trade Rumors: Our Jose Berrios dreams might be over

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There is a whole lot of posturing in these days leading up to the trade deadline. As exciting as many of the New York Mets trade rumors can be, there’s also a lot of disappointment.

A piece of Mets trade rumors news fitting with the disappointment angle involves Minnesota Twins pitcher Jose Berrios. According to ESPN’s Buster Olney, the Twins “aren’t inclined to consider moving players under contractual control through 2022.”

Given this piece of news, the twins may not have nearly as much to trade away as once thought.

Mets trade rumors have linked them to the Twins plenty this month, but will a deal actually happen?

If all the Mets can pluck from Minnesota are soon-to-be free agents, they may be out of luck searching there for help prior to the trade deadline. Pitcher Michael Pineda is probably the best fit for the club among those heading to free agency.

Not exactly the best pitcher we all thought the Mets could use, he’s having an average year and could at least help them get through some injuries. That’s if he can manage to stay healthy himself.

Berrios always seemed like a pipe dream. Freshly turned 27 in May, he has one year of team control left after this season. A two-time All-Star and quite consistently predictable following a disastrous rookie year in 2016, he’d be this year’s version of Marcus Stroman.

The Twins are fighting through what has been a gravely underwhelming season. The team was expected to compete in 2021. Instead, they’re going to have to settle with trying to add some minor league talent this month while maybe shedding some salary and securing a better draft pick than expected.

Mets trade rumors connecting them to the Twins probably won’t go away just yet even if the whispers say guys like Berrios are unavailable. When a team is out of the playoff hunt this early, they need to leave all ideas on the table. Someone, perhaps even the Mets, could blow them away with an offer for Berrios. It’s part of their due diligence to at least listen to what the Amazins can offer.