Docs and HR investing in telehealth

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‘COVID arm’ rash seen after Moderna vaccine annoying but harmless, doctors say

An angry red rash being called “COVID arm” is a harmless but annoying response in some people who get the Moderna vaccine. Aside from sometimes being itchy, it doesn’t appear to be dangerous, and…

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New-Nurse Turnover is Common. A Nurse Leader at Indiana University Health is Working to Change That.

Regular 1:1 meetings with new nurses foster engagement and solve problems before they arise. …

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Friends, colleagues grieve after young Lafayette ER nurse dies from COVID complications

A nurse at Ochsner Lafayette General has died from complications from COVID-19, according to social media posts from friends and co-workers. Olivia Guidry, a registered nurse in the emergency…

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4 Reasons Why UnitedHealthcare’s Attempt to ‘Monday morning quarterback’ ED claims is ‘bad policy’

“It really undermines what the physicians are doing at the point of care, and it’s bad policy,” says Doug Wolfe, co-founder and partner of the Miami-based law firm Wolfe Pincavage. …

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23 die in Norway after receiving Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine: officials

Twenty-three people died in Norway within days of receiving their first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, with 13 of those deaths — all nursing home patients — apparently related to the side…

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