Market filling need for grocery-less Greene communities

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CARROLLTON — A refrigerated trailer soon will be the base of operations for food delivery to residents in Greene County without a local grocery store.

Niemann Foods, a Quincy-based company that owns County Market in Girard, will be providing online orders and delivery to help address the lack of food options in the county following the closure of Kroger in May.

Gerry Kettler, the director of consumer affairs at Niemann Foods, said the company is working with Carrollton officials to get a site up and running to handle delivery of groceries to the area.

Residents will be able to place their order online through the County Market website and each order will be delivered to the trailer with pick ups scheduled several times a week.

“It is basically a mobile grocery store,” Kettler said. “We partnered with the city and the hospital to bring the trailer to the city.”

The trailer will be set up in the former IGA building parking lot at 803 5th St. in Carrollton.

Molly Peters, administrator for the Greene County Health Department, has been advocating to bring options to residents to keep options for fresh food in the communities.

“This location is a trial run to see if there is enough support for a store location,” Peters said. “We hope that the community understands this process might be new, but will be very important to support our local stores. With any opening there may be bugs to work out, but continued support for Greene County is needed to maintain healthy food options close.”

Peters said the Facebook groups Lettuce Serve You and Reaching Out … To Help Others will be assisting with deliveries for those who need help with the ordering or pick up process.

Ordering is not live yet, but will be once the service is available; a date has not been determined.

The site housing the trailer will have to have work done in preparation, including electric to run to the trailer.

“There is no power to the site just yet, so we haven’t started the service yet,” Kettler said.