GameStop Has Increased Teens’ Interest in Investing. That May Be a Good Thing.

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The rise of meme stocks — shares in GameStop, AMC and a handful of other companies whose value has been driven through the roof thanks to the coordinated efforts of everyday investors — has been a mixed blessing.

While they have shown just how easily the stock market can be manipulated, meme stocks have also made a lot of people a lot of money — in the short-term, anyway.

But the meme stock phenomenon could have at least one long-lasting benefit: an increased interest in investing among American teenagers.

A recent Wells Fargo survey found that 45% of teens are more interested in investing this year because of the wide-ranging attention GameStop has received since the company’s stock price exploded from $65.01 on Jan.22 to $347.51 on Jan. 27.

You might have reservations about your children learning about investing through social media platforms like Reddit, but an early interest in financial literacy, no matter where it comes from, will serve them well throughout their lives.

Here’s how you can help them build on what they’ve already learned online.