Cavs: This Collin Sexton trade idea to the Knicks is better but not good

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The folks at the NBA Analysis Network have a rough Collin Sexton to the Knicks trade.

If the Cavs trade Collin Sexton, it better be for more than this trade we’re about to talk about. The rumors of Sexton’s trade availability have been running around for some time. The rumor essentially states that the Cavaliers don’t feel Sexton is a max-money guy and many agree with that assessment. That doesn’t mean Sexton is terrible but he’s not a player who can lead you to wins if you pay him top money. So when the NBA Analysis Network decided to look at a trade scenario with Sexton and the Knicks, they went the opposite direction with their evaluation of the young guard.

In their trade, the Knicks only gave up Obi Toppin, Kevin Knox and two late-first round picks. NBA draft picks after the 12th or so are largely worthless. You might find a gem, you might even find a franchise guy but it’s not likely.

So essentially, the trade is Sexton for two busts and two picks that you could pretty much call second-rounders with how late they are in the draft. This is a trash trade idea.

Cavaliers Get

F Obi Toppin

F Kevin Knox

No. 21 Pick (via DAL),

No. 32 Pick (via DET)

Knicks Get

Collin Sexton

Knicks fans have got to stop this.

Now, the writer of this article is not an obvious Knicks fan (if he’s one at all) but clearly, he favors the Knicks because of his evaluation of this trade. The writer, Michael Balko, actually said this about Toppin and Knox;

Cleveland would get a very solid return investment from dealing away Collin Sexton in Obi Toppin and Kevin Knox, which could certainly help the team compete for a playoff spot in the near future.

Knox, the guy who’s so bad that he shot under 40% from the field, under 40% from three, and scored just 3.9 points per game in his third year in the league. Keep that in mind Knox and Sexton are the same draft class. Yet, the Cavs are, in theory, trading away Sexton to avoid paying him max-money, so why would they go get Knox, knowing full well he’s not getting a second contract.

Toppin had one good game in the playoffs and was largely out of synch all year in New York. Admittedly, Toppin was a popular choice around these parts for the Cavs to draft in 2020. The Cavaliers passed on him and went with Isaac Okoro instead.

That was the right move.

Toppin won’t find any more success in another defense-first system like the Cavs want to run.

This trade does nothing for the Cavs unless they’re able to swing those two first-round picks into something higher up in this year’s draft; or for a veteran like C.J. McCollum. If they could, why wouldn’t the Knicks just do that trade instead?

Trade Value: C-

You can flip the picks for a higher pick sure, but we’re not evaluating the trade-off of what other trades you can now do with it. You’re evaluating it on what it brings you in the immediate.