Will investors profit from a Roaring Twenties stock market after Covid or face a return to low growth? Tom Becket on the INVESTING SHOW

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Investors have been backing a strong rebound from the coronavirus lockdowns – and are already reaping the rewards from some consumer economy shares that have leapt since vaccines were revealed.

The US and UK are among the countries powering ahead in vaccinating people against Covid-19 and look poised to benefit from the re-opening trade, with many people eager to get out and enjoy themselves.

Some stocks have soared in the expectation of not just a return to normal but a  predicted mass desire to get out and spend lockdown savings. 

Yet, at the same time we shouldn’t underestimate how many people are still concerned about getting back to their old way of life – and how things have changed, Tom Becket argues on this episode of the Investing Show.

Meanwhile, even if a consumer boom arrives will this effect last long enough for the economy to gain both escape velocity from the hefty coronavirus recession but also a momentum that will last for some years, taking the developed world out of the low-growth and into a Roaring Twenties? 

Or should investors expect a world that’s very different to the one seen before the coronavirus crisis, but that unfortunately sees the US, UK, and Europe slip back to low growth?

And just how much will the vast quantities of debt and money printing enlisted to to fund fighting the pandemic skew the future?

On this Investing Show, Tom Becket, CIO of Punter Southall Wealth, joins Richard Hunter and Simon Lambert to discuss the prospects for shares, whether there are any safe havens left for investors, and where the best opportunities lie.

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