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SYDNEY, AU / ACCESSWIRE / March 25, 2021 / The company allows users to compare courier quotes from multiple providers, allowing them to save money on fast shipping when sending packages. This works for freight and packages sent both within Australia and items sent to other areas of the world.

Sending packages has become even more important for businesses around the world, with the lockdown limitations limiting many businesses to operating solely through delivery. This has also made the price of shipping a bigger factor than ever in whether or not a business can compete in the market, given that shipping price and speed can both make or break a potential sale.

This new reality gave Fast Courier an unprecedented chance to shine. Based in Australia, Fast Courier is a price comparison tool that allows its users to quickly get quotes from various courier service providers whenever they want to send a package. This allows users to save money and send packages faster by selecting the provider who has the best deal for their type of package and their chosen destination.


Fast Courier also allows businesses to diversify their shipping strategies to a level that would be much harder to achieve without the platform’s help. By allowing users to compare courier quotes quickly for various packages, it makes it easier for businesses to pick different providers depending on the size of the package they’re sending and the package’s final destination. These tools are available on, with no additional downloads required.

Without a price comparison tool like this, business managers would be stuck having to ask for quotes from individual businesses for every single package they wanted to send, which could cost more in work hours than what can be saved by finding the best shipping option available for each type of parcel. This complexity often leads businesses to stick to just one courier.

It is, of course, possible for a business to operate and thrive using only a single courier service. But economies of scale are often only possible when a business chooses to specialize in an area, and that’s often true for courier services as well. A courier service that specializes in shipping small packages across a metro area will generally have cheaper rates than a service that takes care of a wider range of packages.

By proving fast quotes, Fast Courier helps its users identify and make use out of these specialized couriers. According to Fast Courier, users using its platform can up to 30% on shipping for individual packages. And money savings isn’t the only thing that companies stand to gain. The price comparison tool also helps businesses find other interesting propositions, such as couriers that can deliver a package faster while only charging a tiny bit more than the alternatives.


On top of offering some of the best parcel prices in Australia and global parcel delivery, Fast Courier also offers free parcel pick up all over Australia, which is extra convenient for the many businesses that are now being operated by employees working from their homes.


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