AAPL Premarket: What Could Move Apple Stock On Thursday

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Apple stock has been recovering from the early March lows of $116 per share. Yesterday, on April 7, the stock gained a 1.34% to close the session trading at $128 per share.

In premarket action, AAPL started to head higher by nearly 1%. Below, the Apple Maven discusses some of the key factors that could move Apple stock during the April 8 session.

Market-wide movers

A few events this Thursday could move not only Apple shares, but the market more broadly. For instance, ahead of the opening bell, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq have been trading flat. Here are some potential movers:

  • TheStreet: Stock futures rise after the Federal Reserve indicates it’s not close to ending its accommodative policy; turnout is 55% at Amazon union drive in Alabama; Twitter reportedly considered a takeover of Clubhouse.
  • On the calendar of events, there will be reports on initial claims. Also, an estimated 13 companies will report earnings.

Apple-specific movers

Beyond broad market movers, Apple stock could also be swayed by company-specific events. For example, Nikkei Asia reported the following:

  • MacBooks and iPad production have been postponed amid global chip storage, according to a Nikkei Asia report;
  • “As a result of the delay, Apple has pushed back a portion of component orders for the two devices from the first half of this year to the second half, the people said. Industry sources and experts say the delays are a sign that the chip shortage is growing more serious and could impact smaller tech players even more heavily”, according to the report;

Twitter speaks

If you did not already own Apple stock, or maybe not enough of it, would you buy shares three weeks ahead of the company’s earnings day? Leave your opinion below:

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